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5 Tips To Remember When Hiring The Best Canadian Magician

By hiring a professional Canadian magician, you are not only making your event extra meaningful and enjoyable, you are also giving your guests a whole new experience, something that they can treasure for the rest of their lives. To help you decide who to hire, we have gathered here some helpful tips.

Joyous events such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, and annual festivals are joyous times that you want to make sure you remember. While there are many ways to entertain your guests, adding a touch of magic to your event is still considered as one of the best ways to amuse them and to heighten their experience. What makes magic better than other performing arts like music, mime, puppetry, dance, circus arts, and musical theater is a unique way and ability of the magicians to personally connect with their audience. Magicians do not just astound their audience with their highly interesting and thought provoking performances, they also let their audience experience the wonders of magic by allowing them to participate in the activity.

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But with the number of magicians in Canada today, how can you identify who among them is the best and can provide you with memorable, interesting, and astounding performances? How can you be able to pick and hire the right Ottawa magician for your event?

Skill and Experience

The kind of magician you hire will greatly affect the experience of your guests. If you want the best in town, pick the one who has already experienced performing at different events. Of course, all magicians would say that they have solid years of experience and that they have performed at various events in the past. You still have to verify if they are truly highly experienced. One way to check this is by looking at their website. If their website is filled with their portrait shots only, then this may serve as a red flag for you. A highly professional and experienced magician will mostly prove their worth and experience through several photos of them performing at many events.

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Entertainment Value

Magic is more than just using different props and properly executing tricks. Rather, it is more about interacting with the audience in the most entertaining and interesting way. Hire a Canadian magician that possess a keen sense of entertainment value, someone who has a personality that can captivate and entertain your guests and can make them feel comfortable. You can check if the magician has this kind of persona by observing how he interacts with you.

Magic Style

Magic comes in various styles. Before hiring a magician, check if his magic style fits your event. You would not want to hire a kid’s magician for a wedding or perhaps a corporate magician for your child’s birthday party, right?

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Talent Fee

The talent fee of the magicians greatly varies. There are some magicians who set high rates for their performance yet they offer less than satisfactory entertainment. Be sure that the talent fee or the rate of the magician matches his level of expertise, experience, and style.


Another thing you should consider before hiring a magician is his sense of professionalism. All of your prospect magicians can easily say that they are highly professional yet they can hardly prove it through their actions, words, and work. A professional magician can prove his worth by giving you videos or photos of his past performances, providing you with client reference, invoices, contracts, and receipts, being always prompt in answering your inquiries and being on time for meetings.

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