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Spice Up Your Event With These 5 Party Entertainment Ideas

No matter how perfect you expect your event to be, if the entertainment you prepared is somewhat dull, your entire event will affected in a negative manner such as being called uninteresting or boring. So, if you want to really make your event the talk of the town, try any of these party ideas.

Your event day is coming so fast. You have already chosen the best menu, booked the perfect venue, drafted the most amazing decor, and planned for every little thing about your entire event. Needless to say, you are now more than ready to hold the most fabulous event of the year, something that your guests will talk about and remember for months or even years to come. But wait, how about the party entertainment?

Well, if you have already hired someone to dance or sing, that’s great, but you still have to think twice about it. Why do you ask? Party entertainment has greatly evolved as the years passed. Unlike a few years ago, your guests will probably be looking for something new and exciting. Here are a few party entertainment ideas that can help you add some flair to your event.

Party Magic Show

party entertainer

Magic has always amazed people. But not all magicians are equal. Hire a party magician who is not just great at performing various magic tricks but is also very versatile and accommodating. Pick someone who is approachable, who puts quality entertainment as his top priority, who has a unique ability to make people laugh and participate in his tricks. More importantly, you need someone who has relevant experience dealing with the type of guests attending and performing at events that are similar to yours. A close-up magic performance is perfect for any event.

Full Acrobatic Performances

Full Acrobatic

Another great and modern way to entertain your guests is to ask a party entertainer to perform phenomenal acrobatic or aerial dance. A few years ago, full acrobatic and aerial performances are only seen at various TV shows. If you’re amazed and dazzled watching these types of acts on TV, imagine what it would be like if you see them right before your eyes?

Comedy Juggling

Comedy Juggling

Another good idea for entertainment is jugglers or jesters who specialize in comedy. Bring the circus to your event and add a healthy dose of humor and excitement to it by hiring a comedy juggler. Great for children’s parties, comedy juggling offers a great combination of awesome skills and comedy.

Themed Parties

Themed Parties

If you want something unique that can inspire your guests to participate in your event, go for a themed party. It’s a nice way for your guests to take part in the event. Your guests can showcase their own talent, style, and creativity by picking the best costumes. This is great for birthday parties, campus events, and even for other special holiday occasions like Halloween and thanksgiving parties.

LED Dance Shows

LED Dance Shows

Add a wow factor to your event by staging high-tech LED dance shows. Each of the group of performers has their own unique acts and routines, find the one that perfectly suits your event theme. Regardless of whether you are hosting a party for your birthday, anniversary, wedding, corporate meeting, campus gathering, annual festival, or other events, the LED dance shows will surely be a big hit.


Top 5 Surefire Ways To Spice Up Your Next Event

Among the common objectives of holding a party aside from gathering your friends, family members, or business associates, is to have your guests entertained and to make them feel that they are important. And one way to do this is to make sure that your event is not just satisfying but most especially extraordinary and enjoyable. But how can you make your event something that they will love to talk about with positive remarks after a few days, months, or even years? Apart from the food, you will serve, the event venue and decor, the program in general, and the event itself, your guests will surely look forward to the kind of party entertainment you will provide them.

In this post, we are going to share with you some surefire ways to spice up your next event. Pick at least two from the list, execute them perfectly, and you will surely make your event look more fabulous, unique, and fun.

Hire a Party Magician

rynestone magician

Adding a touch of magic to your event will not only make your guests entertained, it will likewise allow them to be more responsive, active, and interested. You can hire a party magician who will hold a magic performance on stage or perhaps place a booth where your guests can visit and see some magic tricks individually. Either way, your guests will surely love seeing something extraordinary. Just be careful in choosing a magician. Pick someone who is well-experienced, skillful, amiable, and who is knowledgeable enough to pinpoint and handle different types of tricks that best suit your audience.

Light up the Stage with a Glow Show

rynestone party magician

Glow show is among the latest forms of party entertainment that are now becoming more and more popular. Through this performance, the party entertainer will showcase his technical prowess while getting in control of the multitude of colored lights.

Try Theme Party

One of the best ways to encourage people to join your event is to hold a theme party. When it comes to theme parties, your options are almost infinite. You can go to a costume party, masquerade, black and white themed party, retro party, pajama party, and any other motif you can think of. If you are not sure which type of theme party to choose, you can ask your guests what they like. Start off by listing some options, post it somewhere, and let your guests choose the theme they like. And then, go with the one with the highest vote.

Add an Event Wall

party entertainment

Adding an event wall where your guests can pose for some memorable photos is one of the simple yet effective ways of pushing your event one foot forward. Event wall can also help your event look more interesting, and it can as well add character and style to your event.

Hire a Stand-up Comedian

A stand-up comedian is always there to give you and your guests a good laugh. Why not try to hire their services? Your guests will not only remember how enjoyable your party was, they can as well leave your event hall with a huge smile on their faces.

rynestone party entertainer

Level Up Your Event Entertainment By Hiring A Canadian Magician

Level Up Your Event Entertainment By Hiring A Canadian Magician

Nowadays, excellently executed dance performances, awe-inspiring singing presentations, and enjoyable parlor games are no longer enough to provide complete party entertainment for your guests and to make your event worth remembering.

party entertainment

If you want yours to be the event of the year, or if not, the event of the decade, it would be wise to add something that can urge the excitement, fun, and interest of your guests. Something that can make each guest you have talk about your event a few days, months, or even years after. Before you hire a magician, you should first ask his advice and also let him know what type of event you will be holding.

Corporate Events

Corporate Entertainment

Do you need corporate entertainment for your corporate event? Well, try hiring a professional corporate entertainer and magician who is capable of providing an unforgettable and enjoyable entertainment experience at your event, whether it be customer appreciation day, an annual banquet, trade shows, a sales conference, dinner gala, or a holiday party.

If you are holding a more compact gathering, you may try Rynestone’s “Pocket Show”. This show is specifically dedicated for limited space engagements, corporate meetings, team-building events, and office parties. If your next event is for informal staff drop-in parties, fundraising socials, and cocktail hours, the most appropriate act is the Strolling “Close-Up Magic”. However, if you will be hosting an event like holiday parties, corporate banquets, conferences, and dinner galas, you can choose the “Magic With an Edge” Main Stage Performance.

Campus Events

Campus Entertainment

High school and college audiences are generally looking forward to witnessing modern, edgy, and cool magic acts. Unlike in children’s parties, college entertainment no longer revolves around traditional magic acts like top hats, coat tails, rabbits, and the like. They want something that is next to impossible.

So regardless of whether it is for college winter carnivals, freshman orientation week, or alumni homecoming celebrations, choose a magician that offers “magic with an edge”, something that can fire up and intensify the excitement and interest of the audience and can encourage them to actively participate.

Festival, Fair, Exhibition, and Other Annual Events

fair entertainment

If you want something new and unique for your exhibition, fair, festival, and other annual events, hire a magician who can provide your audience with a kind of festival entertainment that they can hardly forget and can leave a smile and a sense of astonishment and amusement on their faces. Festival audience is generally composed of people of all ages, social status, and gender. Because of this, you need to be sure that the entertainment value that the magician will provide can cater the varying interests and expectations of the audience.

Before hiring a Canadian magician, be sure to check first his portfolio, watch some random videos of him performing magic acts, and ask his previous clients regarding how they feel about his performance.